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There's a reason 20,000 families start shopping here every month.

What makes them different?

They're the manufacturer, the producer/assembler, the shipper, the customer service - we're every arm of our business, and we're based right here in the USA. We don't bow to ESG scores, take directions front investment companies like Blackrock or Vanguard, and we're privately owned, debt free, and not publicly traded. They do not utilize advertising from large corporations, and so, are not beholden to their agendas for our speech or products. 

The illusion of choice.

In store aisles we see hundreds of brands alluding to free choice in what we purchase, but the fact is, 11 conglomerates run the world and own a majority - if not every brand - that you purchase on a regular basis.

As consumers we have been blinded by the "convenience" of Target, Amazon and Walmart. They have become the norm for shopping experiences around the world, but it goes much deeper than just a store front.


Corrupt conglomerates work hard to fund the very things we oppose: taking away free speech; implementing experimental and dangerous mandates; pushing agendas on our families and children; funding abortions; and funding organizations the burn and loot our cities.

 These are companies whose products are predominantly made in China, with questionable labor tactics, and who choose to pursue higher profits by making products with cheap, often toxic, ingredients at the expense of our and our families' health.

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They Share Our Values

Our products are made in American, support American families and provide you with peace of mind.

Family Owned Since 1985

Comparable Prices

Non-Toxic Products

Not Influenced By Big Advertising

Made in the USA

Supports American Jobs and Families

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Consumers Shop with
Their Values

Shoppers Switch Here Every Month

Your Satisfaction 
is Guaranteed

Megan, NJ 


I seriously love everything from the store! I came for the cleaning products, but I stayed for everything else!! The coffee, the mascara, and the lotion are must haves."
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